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At Eden Park Bed and Breakfast we are involved in a campaign of building and renovation. We are installing a Bay Window onto the front room and hanging new wallpaper in various rooms. The window was saved from a building that was destroyed in the Christchurch earthquake. It’s our little bit of saving a piece of Christchurch history….

On the tourism front ; The Luxury Travel Company, Virtuoso (a luxury travel network with 7200 agents worldwide) is finding that New Zealand is increasingly becoming the No 1 travel destination for the rich and the famous.

Fuelled by the popularity of the Lord of the Rings films, New Zealand has become a standalone destination in its own right rather than being tacked on to an Australia trip for a few days.

Figures released for their 2013 New Zealand travel bookings show client transactions of $32 billion were up 198 per cent during the past 12 months.

Hot List of Countries:

1. New Zealand (+ 196%)

2. Chile (+ 103%)

3. Indonesia (+ 103%)

4. Hungary (+ 86%)

5. Hong Kong (+ 72%)

6. Croatia (+ 68%)

7. Australia (+ 58%)

8. Ecuador (+ 57%)

9. Greece (+ 57%)

10.Norway (+ 54%)

This is all good for operators within New Zealand’s Tourism Industry.

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