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Volcano on Alert.

Eden Park Bed and Breakfast is surrounded by one of the most unique Volcanic Plateaus in the World. The Auckland Volcanic field contains 53 volcanoes and vents. thankfully they are all dormant. Within a 45 minute walk from the property, is Mt Eden (Maungawhau) And it’s a very cool place to see. Well worth the walk .
Further down country the Eastern Bay’s ever-changing volcano ,White Island, is showing signs of unrest once again. Located 49km off the coast of Whakatane, recent changes in activity suggest that the hydrothermal system has become unstable, and as a result the risk has increased.
White Island is a level one volcano, meaning it shows signs of volcano unrest, with the last eruptive activity occurring from March to September, 2000, when it was upgraded to level two.
The volcano’s lake level quickly rose by about 3m to 5m some time between Friday and Saturday last week, exposing a “vigorous” flow of gas and steam into the air.
During the past few weeks there had also been some minor volcanic tremor, including several hours on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Last year and earlier this year the lake started to evaporate and exposed steam vents and two large muddy pools.


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