The Eight Tips To Getting A Free Airline upgrade

The Eight Tips To Getting A Free Airline upgrade


It is known that Premium seats are unaffordable to many. How would you like to travel first class to anywhere? There is a catch however. You’ll need to perform, one of these 8 tips to getting a Free airline upgrade for you to travel first class around the world if needed! :p.

1. Make Sure you Choose Your destination Carefully

Make sure you look for flights to beach resorts during the school holidays, when the majority on board will be families. The reason for this, is because the majority of the first class cabins will be empty and available for any upgrades you might want to ask for. So start nabbing, and you might get your free upgrade. Be reasonable.

2. Become a loyal flyer

It is known that airlines often sort out their upgrades the day before the flight, looking for regular fliers, who may fly with them again if given an upgrade.

3. Try and Travel alone

Single travelers usually get lucky , when there is just one or two seats available up front. Single travelers are often asked first.

4. Simple Asking

You could get a free upgrade by simply asking for one at the check-in desk.

5. Make sure your reason is good

Offering a good reasonable reason will give you more chances of an upgrade.

6. Be Nice and Smile

Being polite and dressed to impress could help you get an upgrade too after asking nicely.

7. Not a Happy Customer

If something is out of place with your seat, or belt, or whatever of a good reason to complain, use it to your benefit to ask for an upgrade.

8. Know people in high places

If you have a good friend who works for an airline, it can’t hurt to ask, but get in touch as soon as you know the details of your flight.

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