New Zealand vs Ireland

Yahoo ! We have test rugby back at Eden Park this weekend with New Zealand’s World Champions All Blacks playing Ireland at 1935 hrs on Saturday.
This their first game since winning the RWC last year and this armchair warrior is looking forward to the game. Alas I will be pulling a shift on that is providing the mobility transport at the ground so will not get to watch the game live.
We are full house at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast for the weekend and are still turning people away. It makes you think about having more rooms but then sanity re emerges and you are thankful of the fact that it is better to have a smaller property with rooms full than a larger one with empty rooms.
Soooooo………go the All Blacks !

All Blacks team to play Ireland at Eden Park on Saturday: (test caps in brackets)
1. Tony Woodcock (83)
2. Andrew Hore (62)
3. Owen Franks (31)
4. Brodie Retallick *
5. Samuel Whitelock (25)
6. Victor Vito (13)
7. Richie McCaw (c) (103)
8. Kieran Read (36)
9. Aaron Smith *
10. Daniel Carter (85)
11. Julian Savea *
12. Sonny Bill Williams (14)
13. Conrad Smith (55)
14. Zac Guildford (8)
15. Israel Dagg (12)

* Debut

16. Hikawera Elliot (2)
17. Ben Franks (15)
18. Ali Williams (73)
19. Adam Thomson (24)n
20. Piri Weepu (56)
21. Aaron Cruden (9)
22. Ben Smith (2)


Bring your Raincoats to Auckland.

It’s crazy weather in Auckland ,New Zealand this week. We have had heavy rain,hail,cold and hot.
It’s fair driving me crazy.Part one of our painting renovations are done at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast. Lots of oil based High Gloss Enamel on all the skirtings,scotia and architraves. I do like Gloss White for an appearance in an old Villa….
I cannot say that the latest visitor arrival figures to New Zealand look that great tho..The noise on the market at the moment is that NZ will reduce its presence in the European market and ramp up its spending in the Asian Bloc.This might make good financial sense with the current melt down happening in the Euro Zone; but this segment of the market is what SPENDS the $$$$.
Alas the glow of the RWC is well and truly gone !

International Visitor Arrivals to 6th May 2012
Total visitor arrivals are down by 9.6% compared to the same four week period last year.

Ups: China 75%, Korea 26%, Canada 1%,
Japan 57%, Malaysia 4%

Downs: Singapore -3%, UK -36%, Australia -21%,
Germany -11%, USA -8%,


After the Rugby World Cup 2011

4 Nov

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Well; the Rugby World Cup has been and gone.New Zealand won the final and the thousands of visitors have left the country.
It’s rather depressing actually. Gone is the buzz of excitement and humor. Gone are the visuals of fans dressing up and walking past the front door of Eden Park Bed and Breakfast.
The demolition of the suicide stands at the Park is happening and normality returns to the country.
We have a container ship aground outside the port of Tauranga. How a ships captain allows that oversight to happen eludes me.
At the Bed and Breakfast we are still full and experiencing better weather. This means that I have to get out and plant the summer tomatoes. I was going to build a new fence at the back yard but other matters have Overshadowed that idea.
The country is going into election mode with a general election being held at the end of November.
And then we have Christmas.
We will have guests this year. That is always fun. Everybody gets a bit plastered and joyful.
Why car’nt we have the Rugby World Cup every year! Just like they have the NFL final in America!


All Blacks v France at Eden Park

the atmosphere around the park tonight is magnificent The costumes displayed by the patrons from the two countries makes the spectacle known as the Rugby World Cup 2011 as the place to be.
We have a double header at the park this weekend. New Zealand v France tonight and Fiji v Samoa tomorrow.
We are full house at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast and will need all our skills to cover the sit down breakfast tomorrow. Marlene is doing her breakfast quiche .This allows her to prep the base tonight and then bake them tomorrow morning. It just makes the serving go easier when we have a large sitting . Tastes real good as well!
I have implemented a new policy of displaying the two countries national Flags at the front of the house on game day. So today we have France and New Zealand.
Viva les Blues and Go Black !!


The All Blacks play this Saturday

Its Thursday night and the Springboks are playing at North Harbour Stadium. We are full house for accommodation for Eden Park Bed and Breakfast this weekend for the double header at Eden Park. The first game is the All Blacks v France on Saturday and Fiji v Samoa on Sunday. It will be a hell of a weekend and I think Marlene will be exhausted by Monday. Oh yea rugby world cup 2011!!!!
Just have to pretend that it is peak season in Summer !
I am over at North Harbour Stadium tonight doing the mobility service for the game. Very high numbers tonight on
Am surprised as to how many South Africans have emigrated to New Zealand.Cause they all seem to be here tonight! Thankfully the rain has stayed away and the game is being won by the Springboks.


Australia v Ireland at Eden Park for RWC 2011

This blog is more about today. I am operational in the inner cordon around Eden Park providing Mobility transfers for tonight’s match between Ireland and Australia. Needless to say there is strong support for the Irish!
We are posting regular videos of the movement onto our U Tube channel. It’s fun to play with it but it does take time to process the images.
Went and watched the All Blacks play Japan at the local pub (The Dominion) last night. E


All Blacks play Japan tonight

The Rugby World Cup keeps rolling along. The major nations keep winning the games and the lessor nations keep losing them.
Tonight we have the All Blacks v Japan at Hamilton. It’s a no brained as to who will win and I can only hope that the score is not too high. Previous games against Japan have seen triple digit numbers. One of the guests at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast wants me to go up to the local pub And watch the game there. Personally I think my new 55 inch screen looks better; but the idea of a beer always sounds good.
Tomorrow we have Australia v Ireland at our local Eden Park. I am working the mobility service for the park with our transportation company, I will be taking video footage of the nights action and will be posting on the site .
Sooooo for all you Rugby fans……Go the ALL BLACKS


The power of the Rugby World Cup

Another busy day at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast.Guest in and guests out.Gearing up for a busy weekend with Australia v Ireland at Eden Park on Saturday. I will be working at the stadium with the mobility transportation option.
I was listening to the radio before and they had a member of the Samoan Rugby team being interviewed and he was explaining his wonder about being able to train in a proper Gym and have protein drinks as part of his conditioning workout.This rugby team will cause all sorts of problems with their opponents.They are huge and like nothing better than to tackle a person hard. They play Wales on Sunday and I suggest that Wales is not looking forward to this contest…..GO SAMOA.


Day 4 of the RWC in Auckland

12 Sep

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it’s Monday in Auckland. I feel like I have been in a 3 day party. completely knackered!
Breakfast went well and some guests moved on catch other games and more checked in.
But that’s life at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast…..Never dull and always exciting!
shame about Wales losing to South Africa. I thought they had it.
But thats Rugby; one team wins and one team loses.


Rugby World Cup Party is on......

10 Sep

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The first night of the RWC is past and now into game 2.
amazing spectacle in the city and at Eden Park. I was working Supercare at the stadium.
Have the gardens looking good with spring flowering. Am laying a pad of concrete under the rear deck.More space to fill up. Be nice to have it dry tho.
The atmosphere around the stadium and surrounding houses is wonderful. I heard the term Pride mentioned today and I agree. The All Blacks winning at the first game of the Rugby World Cup was great buzz for the country. Let’s hope they are still there at the final game!


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