Rugby World Cup 2015 Final Game - Date, Time, Live Stream Coverage

The Rugby World Cup 2015 final game takes centre stage on Saturday, at Twickenham, London,  as New Zealand take on neighbours and rivals, Australia in the final fight on who takes the Cup home.

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Both teams were forced to fight their way through their tough semi-final ties last weekend against South Africa and Argentina, and this final is going to be the battle of the giants, since both are coming in strong and in form with full confidence.It is known that the All Blacks are the favourites to claim their back-to-back world titles. It won’t be easy for Australia.Here’s all you need to know about the 2015 Rugby World Cup final, including where you can watch the hard-hitting drama unfold.

Australia vs New Zealand – The Big Final

Date: Saturday, 31th October 2015 – Time: 16:00 Uk time

Venue: Twickenham Stadium, London

Channel: ITV (UK), TSN (Canada), FoxSports (Australia)

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Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals

its now into the business end of the Rugby World Cup with the Quarter Finals being played in Wellington and Auckland this weekend.
Wellington has South Africa v Australia and Ireland v Wales .
Auckland has England v France on Saturday and New Zealand v Argentina on Sunday at Eden Park.
We are full house at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast so it’s late nights and early starts for Marlene and myself.The atmosphere has ramped up in interest in the games. New Zealand has seen the withdrawal of Daniel Carter and that was like a black cloud of despondency had settled over the country…. But rugby is a team game and I am sure the team will step up to address the issue.
I have commitments with Supercare4u at the games so I will be rolling into bed at midnight and up at 0700 the next morning to help Marlene with the breakfast servings.
that’s business tho. you do what you have to do.
I read that Steve Jobs has passed away.RIP Steve.Your brilliance will be missed.It’s sad that the bright ones seem to go earlier….


The power of the Rugby World Cup

Another busy day at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast.Guest in and guests out.Gearing up for a busy weekend with Australia v Ireland at Eden Park on Saturday. I will be working at the stadium with the mobility transportation option.
I was listening to the radio before and they had a member of the Samoan Rugby team being interviewed and he was explaining his wonder about being able to train in a proper Gym and have protein drinks as part of his conditioning workout.This rugby team will cause all sorts of problems with their opponents.They are huge and like nothing better than to tackle a person hard. They play Wales on Sunday and I suggest that Wales is not looking forward to this contest…..GO SAMOA.


Day 4 of the RWC in Auckland

12 Sep

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it’s Monday in Auckland. I feel like I have been in a 3 day party. completely knackered!
Breakfast went well and some guests moved on catch other games and more checked in.
But that’s life at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast…..Never dull and always exciting!
shame about Wales losing to South Africa. I thought they had it.
But thats Rugby; one team wins and one team loses.


Visitor Arrivals increase with RWC

11 Sep

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We have seen an increase in visitor arrivals to New Zealand due to the Rugby World Cup. Its busy,busy at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast.Today is day 3 of the RWC. I am working the game with at North Harbour Stadium.Lots of colour from Australia and Italy fans. This festival is living up to the hype that has surrounded it.The trains had a problem with the opening ceremony but that has been the only glitch so far. Good rugby and happy fans.
Visitor Arrivals
Total visitor arrivals are up by 5.8% compared to the same four week period last year.
Ups: Singapore 41%, China 22%, Australia 6%,
UK 3%, Germany 4%

Downs: USA -18%, Japan -10%, Korea -15%,
Canada -9%, India -27%


Rugby World Cup Party is on......

10 Sep

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The first night of the RWC is past and now into game 2.
amazing spectacle in the city and at Eden Park. I was working Supercare at the stadium.
Have the gardens looking good with spring flowering. Am laying a pad of concrete under the rear deck.More space to fill up. Be nice to have it dry tho.
The atmosphere around the stadium and surrounding houses is wonderful. I heard the term Pride mentioned today and I agree. The All Blacks winning at the first game of the Rugby World Cup was great buzz for the country. Let’s hope they are still there at the final game!


Rugby World Cup about to begin...

6 Sep

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We are only 3 days away from the opening game of the Rugby World Cup at Eden Park,Auckland.
Marlene has been spring cleaning rooms for the arrival of the guests. As Eden Park Bed and Breakfast is only 300 meters from the stadium we are in the situation of Location,Location,Location.
The whole area is awash with flags and buntings. There is a definite BUZZ in the air and with the warm spring weather we all feel like an All Black victory. GO BLACK!


Eden Park Bed and Breakfast uses Hootsuite

Sunday at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast. Lots of cleaning and setting up for the Rugby World Cup games being held at the stadium.
I see that Hootsuite has enhanced Facebook Management: The popular scheduling tool HootSuite now supports Facebook Groups and Events, exclusive search streams, plus photo uploading directly to Facebook. Hootsuite has also enhanced refreshed the process for posting to Pages and Profiles.


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