Tourism warning for Auckland's Queen Street

As if the Tourism Industry and Accommodation sector in New Zealand doesn’t have enough problems ……we now have the New Zealand Japanese Society warning Japanese citizens to avoid Auckland’s Queen St and its drunken denizens amid reports of sex attacks and violence against tourists.
Society president Masa Sekikawa said the decision to issue the warning followed reports about excessive drinking in the central city and attacks on students and tourists.”To a lot of Japanese people, New Zealand is just a country that’s green, blue skies and sheep where crime doesn’t happen, so they let their guard down.When they encounter trouble, many also choose not to report to the authorities because of language or cultural differences.”
Last month, visitors from Japan rose 20 per cent to 3000, which was still below the May 2010 level of 5300 visitors before the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March last year.
Unsurprisingly ,Auckland Mayor Len Brown said alcohol consumption and its effect on community safety was an important issue for the city, but would not support a call for Queen St to be avoided.
Personally Mr Brown, I would suggest that when other countries issue warnings for their citizens to steer clear of Auckland’s main street; I would take their recommendations very seriously !


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