Don't be cheap Huka Lodge

When you are in the Accommodation industry you get to hear of some crazy stories about other properties. This one is a pure hoot of a story about a high class property forgetting about the small details
A Danish family who have spent thousands of dollars visiting exclusive Huka Lodge were horrified the driver organised by the resort was arrested on the way back to Auckland – leaving the family stranded at a McDonald’s. Kare Schultz, his girlfriend Marianne Schnor and her four children, had spent four days at Huka Lodge in Taupo and were about halfway between Taupo and Hamilton when their driver was pulled over by police on Thursday. The driver was arrested for giving false details and the family were told by an officer he had no driver’s licence and was known to them.
Appalled, they contacted Huka Lodge and were told they could have a 50 per cent refund, only to have the offer withdrawn by the general manager the next day and a lesser amount promised.
The resort’s general manager last night said they were reviewing their links with the transport company and the driver involved refused to comment. Mr Schultz and his family arrived in Auckland on July 15 and met the driver who would take them to Taupo at the airport. The transport had been arranged by the resort when they booked and cost $1000 each way.
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