New Zealand Rocking and Rolling

At Eden Park Bed and Breakfast we are surrounded by the Auckland Volcanic Plateau. As they are dormant we tend to ignore them and do not think about them. There is nothing nice about an earthquake or a Volcano doing its thing. In New Zealand at the moment we are moving more than we want to be. They call us the land of the long white cloud. If these volcanoes keep popping off that will be a very real component as all the ash and dust in the air will generate that exact case. We now have two volcanos venting ash and who knows if there is more to come. I pray NOT.
This morning a strong earthquake has rocked the Bay of Plenty region .The 4.7 magnitude struck 40 kilometers north-east of Opotiki, near Whakatane, at 7.30am.The quake was at a depth of 40km.
The earthquake comes as ash continues to spew from nearby White Island. The volcanic Island, which lies 48km off the Bay of Plenty coast, was raised to a Volcanic Alert Level 2 after a surveillance camera captured a small eruption from its crater on Sunday.
Another earthquake was reported near Invercargill last night. It struck 160 km west of Tuatapere, north west of Invercargill, at 7.40pm. It was at a depth of 33km.
The quake was followed by a 3.7 magnitude earthquake that struck within 5km of Lyttelton at a depth of eight kilometres.
They don’t call us the Shakey Isles for nothing……


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