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At Eden Park Bed and Breakfast we are always offering extra packaging and bags to clients when packing to leave, so it was with amusement that I read that two Thai tourists were arrested in Queenstown after refusing to a leave a pharmacy when they tried to hand back $430 worth of soap and handcream they could not fit in their suitcase.
It seems the the couple had bought the goods earlier in the night, then returned around 9pm to try and reverse barter the goods after realising their purchases would not fit into their luggage.
The Pharmacy staff were quite accommodating, and took back some of the larger items, but things turned quite ugly and abusive when the whole lot wasn’t taken back. The couple, a man aged 50, and a woman aged 35, refused to leave the store, and police were called. They refused to listen to reason, were pleaded with, and eventually arrested and charged with trespass .
Would have been nice to have seen that. Well worth having a video to post onto UTube.


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