Has Trip Advisor Become Irrelevant ?

Eden Park Bed and Breakfast received an untrue Trip Advisor review the other day! Only problem is that it’s not our client. My concern is that Trip Advisor seems to be receiving more spam reviews that deliberately set out to damage the reputation of an establishment. And you cannot do anything about it…. That’s social media. You are dammed if you do and you are dammed if you don’t! You go through this emotional roller coaster …depression,sadness,anger. Unbelievable rubbish due to some nutter amusing himself. And then you have to write a reply , or else everyone reading the review thinks its true! And then the algorithm procedure that TA enforce as to who’s is top of the ladder degrades you to a lower status. And all the time you didn’t do anything wrong!
I suggest that if TA doesn’t figure out a method to filter the spam; it will eventually become irrelevant in social media as establishments weigh up the benefits/losses of being listed with them. Seriously ; we can all die trying to please others!
Anyway…. Here’s the latest Tourism Arrival figures for New Zealand:

Total visitor arrivals are down by -0.5% compared to the same four week period last year. Good growth from Malaysia. But this will collapse in May with the cancellation of Air Asia going into Christchurch. China is still a Group Tour percentage so there is minimal expenditure as an FIT market.

Ups: Malaysia 78%, China 55%, Korea 13%,
Singapore 26%, Canada 1%

Downs: Japan -3%, UK -12%, Australia -2%
USA -7%, Germany -9%

See you all next time.
Anthony McAnulty
Eden Park Bed and Breakfast


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