Eden Park Bed and Breakfast provides Free Wi-Fi

At Eden Park Bed and Breakfast we have always offered Free Wi-Fi to our guests. We think it is part of the accommodation package. So , I find it upsetting to read that Hotels are charging such exorbitant rates for Wi-Fi that guests are much better off paying for mobile internet.
A survey of New Zealand’s top central-city hotels, as rated by Five Star Alliance, has found only two offer free wireless internet in rooms – despite some exclusive suites costing more than $2000 a night.
Free wi-Fi should be a right to all clients staying at an accommodation provider. We are able to build this into our pricing format. It is ridiculous to rip off the clients in such a way.

How they compare:(AUCKLAND)
Sky City Grand: $15-$45 a day
Hilton: $14.50 (2 hours)
Langham:$9.95 per hour

Eden Park Bed and Breakfast : FREE USE

So come and experience the comfort of a premier Bed and Breakfast that prides itself on offering that little bit more……..

Anthony McAnulty
Eden Park Bed and Breakfast
Tuesday 23rd October 2012


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