Did the Earth move for you??

22 Jan

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I suppose earthquake tourism was bound to appear and sure enough,Quake-hit Christchurch has become the destination of choice for holiday-makers wanting to experience the earth moving.
Curiosity about earthquakes has led to a small but steady stream of visitors hoping to experience a tremor.
American Steve Atkinson said the recent seismic activity made visiting the city exciting. “Where I come from, you don’t get earthquakes, so I’m curious about what it feels like. I’m kinda hoping there is one while I’m here – not a big one, a small one.”
And the Sunday Star-Times has been told of an Auckland family who added a few days stay in Christchurch to their South Island holiday just so their children could experience an earthquake.

Motel Association Christchurch branch president Mike Brown said he had heard anecdotal reports of people being attracted to the city by the prospect of experiencing a quake, but the visitors he met were wary of the quakes and shocked by how damaging they could be.

Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism chief executive Tim Hunter said curiosity would inevitably draw some visitors. “If you haven’t felt an earthquake before it is an unusual experience and if some people are into that, we’d love to have them


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