Christmas at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast

Its been a while since I was here last.This is not what one is supposed to do with a blog!
it’s Tuesday 13th December and it’s count down to the Santa day. We have the grandchildren arriving tomorrow to stay and that will make Marlene a very happy camper.
It’s been different since the RWC finished. When the dust had settled on this year’s Rugby World Cup, New Zealand was left to count the cost of the tournament. The country spent a fortune for the privilege of hosting the event. The International Rugby Board made a cool €90-odd million — made up of the revenue from broadcasting rights and licence fees, and a large chunk of hello money from the host nation. All in all, it is reckoned that the New Zealand taxpayer forked out over €300m on the World Cup, including €85m to the IRB, and a further €200m to upgrade stadia and facilities. When a country indulges in this level of spending it does so because it believes there will be a return which will more than justify the expenditure and initially New Zealand believed its economy would reap the benefits. One report even suggested the tournament could deliver up to €450m in tourist spending with further gains over time. Ultimately, these projections didn’t even come close to stacking up. Despite revenue from ticket sales exceeding €150m, the NZRU still lost €20m. This loss was almost entirely underwritten by the government, which itself was left bloodied by the lack of consumer spending during the event, reportedly €100m — or less than a quarter of what had been predicted.
So….. It’s going to be a great 2012 .
Merry Christmas to you all


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