Our New Boat NZL05

This is the NZL05. This is the second boat from Team New Zealand that will go to San Francisco to challenge for the right to sail against Oracle Racing for the Americas Cup.
Bring it home Kiwis…Tony at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast will follow you the whole way from his armchair….


Auckland needs rail Tunnel

At Eden Park Bed and Breakfast we are totally in favour for increased services to motorists in Auckland. A 700-page Government-ordered study says without the proposed $2.4 million central rail link the city will be crippled by serious congestion and growth of the downtown area will be stunted.
Mayor Len Brown told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report programme that at some point everyone will have to agree that the work is critical.
“This is an all-agency report delivering the appropriate answers to the minister and to the Government saying that the city rail link … is the answer and is three or four times better than any of the other 45 options that were looked at.”
He said government officials need to realise that Auckland’s transport demands need to be solved if the city is to thrive.
The council has begun planning work for the tunnel even though funding is uncertain.
Lets hope that we will see common sense come to those we elect……..


Kiwis Walk On Water...

I like sailing. Although with involvement at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast and pushing Supercare4u.com around the streets of Auckland, I don’t get to see too much of it these days.
This is why I have become the ultimate armchair warrior with respect to the Team New Zealand challenge to the Americas Cup in San Francisco next year.
I think the development that Team New Zealand have done is superior to the Oracle camp and I firmly believe that we have a good chance of lifting the cup again. I HOPE
You can find more info on the Team New Zealand Blog.
This latest photo shows the advance that the KIWIS have made. Not only do we fly….we also walk on water….


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Brief overview of upcoming events in Auckland City

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