Bring your Raincoats to Auckland.

It’s crazy weather in Auckland ,New Zealand this week. We have had heavy rain,hail,cold and hot.
It’s fair driving me crazy.Part one of our painting renovations are done at Eden Park Bed and Breakfast. Lots of oil based High Gloss Enamel on all the skirtings,scotia and architraves. I do like Gloss White for an appearance in an old Villa….
I cannot say that the latest visitor arrival figures to New Zealand look that great tho..The noise on the market at the moment is that NZ will reduce its presence in the European market and ramp up its spending in the Asian Bloc.This might make good financial sense with the current melt down happening in the Euro Zone; but this segment of the market is what SPENDS the $$$$.
Alas the glow of the RWC is well and truly gone !

International Visitor Arrivals to 6th May 2012
Total visitor arrivals are down by 9.6% compared to the same four week period last year.

Ups: China 75%, Korea 26%, Canada 1%,
Japan 57%, Malaysia 4%

Downs: Singapore -3%, UK -36%, Australia -21%,
Germany -11%, USA -8%,


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