Bed and Breakfasts unwanted Visitor

Normally we welcome all guests who arrive at a Bed and Breakfast with open arms , although I have never experienced the arrival that another Property had the misfortune to experience.
The man who twice drove into a Napier bed and breakfast has pleaded guilty to reckless driving and being more than 2 ½ times over the legal breath alcohol limit.
The car sped over a centre island and smashed into the Sea Breeze Bed and Breakfast.
It then reversed out of the building at speed, back over the centre island and collided with a car driving south.
His car spun around and ran into another car. He then accelerated backwards over the centre island and smashed into the bed and breakfast again. The car stopped but Kershaw restarted it and drove off. He was stopped by a police officer a short distance away.
Now you have to admit that is one for the records !!!!!!!!

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