After the Rugby World Cup 2011

4 Nov

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Well; the Rugby World Cup has been and gone.New Zealand won the final and the thousands of visitors have left the country.
It’s rather depressing actually. Gone is the buzz of excitement and humor. Gone are the visuals of fans dressing up and walking past the front door of Eden Park Bed and Breakfast.
The demolition of the suicide stands at the Park is happening and normality returns to the country.
We have a container ship aground outside the port of Tauranga. How a ships captain allows that oversight to happen eludes me.
At the Bed and Breakfast we are still full and experiencing better weather. This means that I have to get out and plant the summer tomatoes. I was going to build a new fence at the back yard but other matters have Overshadowed that idea.
The country is going into election mode with a general election being held at the end of November.
And then we have Christmas.
We will have guests this year. That is always fun. Everybody gets a bit plastered and joyful.
Why car’nt we have the Rugby World Cup every year! Just like they have the NFL final in America!


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